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 What is Yoganetics?

© 2000 Wyatt Townley

Yoganetics (from yoga and kinetic) is a flow-based system of hatha yoga. Done on the floor, Yoganetics extends yoga into slow motion, emphasizing breathing and alignment while stretching and strengthening all major muscle groups. While gentle, it is deep and transformative work.

Rather than focusing on position, Yoganetics explores the nature of transition—the motion between poses that sews them together in a nonstop movement meditation. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran yogi, it's how you move, not how far, that matters. That's why anyone can do it—at any age.

Cat Pose

In Yoganetics, we work with the eyes closed. Closing the eyes helps us shift from treating the body as an object to experiencing it as a place
—a place we can begin to call home.

Because fitness starts from the inside out. Learn more by clicking on the brief video below with student commentary.